BAT analyzes ‘less toxic’ cigarettes

British American Tobacco unveiled it is analyzing a new “less toxic” cigarettes

Cigarette Smoking Girl

Girl exhaling cig smoke

BAT which is the owner of cigarette brands such as Lucky Strike, Kent and Pall Mall, has produced three prototype products for the £6m research.

The 22-week test will be performed in Germany on 250 volunteers by an independent study group.

The less toxic cigarettes are made out of tobacco that has been manufactured in various techniques to produce fewer “toxicants” as it burns, and they have innovative filters that absorb harmful substances.

BAT’s head of public health and scientific affairs David O’Reilly said that the cigarette companies had been analyzing cigarette safety for many years.

“The research is part of a larger scientific plan investigating potentially less risky cigarettes. BAT is trying to create technology that reduces toxicants in cigarettes in laboratory tests,” he said.

When low-tar and light cigarettes were introduced in the 1970s and ’80s they were marketed as being safer to smoke mostly based on analysis done on machines that simulated smoking. Nevertheless, the conclusions were later identified to be wrong as real smokers puffed harder to get a nicotine hit.

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