10 Countries with Most Expensive Cigarettes

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1. Australia
Average price for a pack: $16.11
In Australia are registered highest cigarette prices in the world. Here smokers pay almost $1 for a stick. The government fights with smoking by increasing taxes on tobacco products and wants more anti-tobacco measures to implement.

2. New Zealand
Average price for a pack: $14.67
In this country the government will continue to raise cigarette taxes. First increase took place in 2012 and up to date achieved 40% of final price for a pack. Some brands cost $17 and this made many smokers quit.

3. Norway
Average price for a pack: $14.48
Generally, in the country smoking rates are low. However, despite this, government imposes high prices on cigarettes. It was estimated that if you live in Norvay and smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, it will cost you $5,500 annually.

 4. United Kingdom
Average price for a pack:  $12.25
Due to the fact that cigarettes in the country are expensive, smokers choose to buy cigarettes online legally. Last year prices on cigarettes were increased by 40% and this affected smokers directly. Now the country discusses the possibility to introduce plain packs for cigarettes.

 5. Iceland
Average price for a pack: $9.51
Tobacco control in the country is a priority for the government and besides cigarettes price increase it takes other anti-tobacco measures. For example, if you want to buy cigarettes you should show your ID in order to prove you are at legal age. Also cigarettes may be bought only from special stores.

6. Canada
Average price for a pack: $9.26
In this country a great attention is paid on population health and therefore smokers are pushed to quit. Thus there are imposed high taxes on cigarettes. In Ontario you will pay an additional charge when you purchase cigarettes.

7. France
Average price for a pack:$8.83
Cigarettes prices in France are increasing annually. Smokers did not welcome such state of affaira and were protesting against it.

 8. Switzerland
Average price for a pack: $8.77
Due to strict tobacco control, there are small number of smokers in the country. Government promotes a smoke-free lifestyle and therefore banned smoking in public spaces. Besides this, imposed high taxes on cigarettes. Interestingly, but in past the country had high smoking rates.

9. Papua New Guinea
Average price for a pack: $8.23
Cigarettes prices were increased in the country in order to imprive population’s overall health.

10. Sweden
Average price for a pack: $8.15
Most smokers in Sweden prefer to use smokeless tobacco, which is considered safe and modern way of puffing. Government now is considering the idea of banning cigarettes or not.

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